Sourcing the right ingredient!

Sourcing the right ingredient


When we launched Nutty Yogi, we knew we wanted to be present in all aspects of your food. As they say, to be healthy, you need to change your lifestyle and not just an ingredient. We wanted to be in your kitchen, in your breakfast, in your office and in your travel bag, which meant a product range of 150+ and many more ingredients.

So we onset onto a 12- month journey of discovery of the source of each ingredient we wanted to get for you and each recipe we wanted to create for you.  We traveled from the Himalayas and discovered the best apples and the walnuts and pink salt in the foothills. We also chanced upon our partner Mrs. Minocha who gave us some age-old recipes of pickles, made the traditional style with nothing but the most natural spices. She loves working with only women in Shimla who lovingly make all this for you.  Our next stop was Rajasthan, a dessert as we know it today produces the bulk of organic quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and all the super grains. Who would have known that we shall chance upon farmers growing the best quality grains organically certified near Jodhpur!


We then headed to Almora near Nainital.  Here, we chanced upon a co-operative where it was our pleasure to interact with a team that is working on the best of fruits and berries. We got our Rhododendron from here. Coming down the hills we met our chutney and murrabba aunt. Long discussions with her on the benefits of fermentation and the way it used to be made years ago got us our range of super pickles and chutneys.


We in urban cities are harping about going gluten- free little knowing that most of India are culturally wheat- free, eating the locally grown grains like bajra and makkai in Rajasthan and Gujarat, jowar in Karnataka, rice in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and black rice, in the eastern parts.


Our quest for best of the best took us close home in the south to Kerala coastal towns for our coconut oil, where still a wooden spindle is used to cold- press the oil. Honey is sourced from the forests of Madhya Pradesh and one of our star sweeteners- coconut palm sugar comes from a very dedicated farmer Sid from Udumalpet in Tamil Nadu.


We travelled across the most well- known to the hidden gems of India to put together our range of products, sourcing the best from the best. Our simple philosophy being go to the heart for where it is grown and you shall find the best quality produce!


From wholesome flours to home-made pickles, alternative sugars to authentic spices, snack time munchies to salad dressings, we have curated everything that you would consume that gratifies your body, mind, and soul.