Weight Management

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Amla Bites - Nutty Yogi
Sweet Amla Bites
Rs. 129.00

Anardana Goli - Nutty Yogi
Anardana Goli
Rs. 69.00

Apple Cider Vinegar - Nutty Yogi
Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey - Nutty Yogi
Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey, Ginger, Garlic and Lemon - Nutty Yogi
Apple Murabba - Nutty Yogi
Apple Murabba
Rs. 189.00

Buckwheat Groats and Millets Muesli - Nutty Yogi
Cacao Nibs Trail Mix
Cacao Nibs Trail Mix
From Rs. 169.00

Chia Seeds - Nutty Yogi
Chia Seeds
From Rs. 169.00

Cinnamon Honey - Nutty Yogi
Cinnamon Honey
Rs. 349.00

Coffee Oats and Seeds Trail Mix
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Digestive Methi - Nutty Yogi
Digestive Methi
Rs. 99.00

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Digestive Pudina - Nutty Yogi
Digestive Pudina
Rs. 129.00

Dried Black Grapes - Nutty Yogi
Dried Black Grapes
Rs. 120.00

Dried Cranberry - Nutty Yogi
Dried Cranberry
Rs. 160.00

Gluten Free Everyday Nutri Atta - Nutty Yogi
Finger Millet Flour - Nutty Yogi
Finger Millet Flour
From Rs. 55.00

Fitness Atta - Nutty Yogi
Fitness Atta
From Rs. 45.00

Flax Seeds - Nutty Yogi
Flax Seeds
Rs. 139.00

Ginger Honey - Nutty Yogi
Ginger Honey
Rs. 349.00

Jowar Upma Rava - Nutty Yogi
Jowar Upma Rava
From Rs. 69.00

Kala Khatha Munakka - Nutty Yogi
Kala Khatha Munakka
Rs. 169.00

Khatta Meetha Nimbu - Nutty Yogi
Khatta Meetha Nimbu
Rs. 129.00

Kodo Millet - Nutty Yogi
Kodo Millet
Rs. 105.00

Little Millet / Saamai - Nutty Yogi
Methi Thepla Atta Mix - Nutty Yogi
Methi Thepla Atta Mix
From Rs. 89.00

Multi Millet Atta - Nutty Yogi
Multiflora Dark Honey - Nutty Yogi
Neem Honey - Nutty Yogi
Neem Honey
Rs. 349.00

Organic Barley Daliya - Nutty Yogi
Organic Burma Black Rice - Nutty Yogi
Organic Burma Black Rice
From Rs. 159.00

Organic Dianna Rice - Nutty Yogi
Organic Dianna Rice
From Rs. 120.00

Organic Multigrain Daliya - Nutty Yogi
Organic Multigrain Daliya
From Rs. 60.00

Organic Pearl Barley - Nutty Yogi
Organic Pearl Barley
From Rs. 99.00

Organic Quinoa Flour - Nutty Yogi
Organic Quinoa Flour
From Rs. 185.00

Organic Wheat Bran - Nutty Yogi
Organic Wheat Bran
From Rs. 75.00

Organic White Quinoa - Nutty Yogi
Organic White Quinoa
From Rs. 249.00

Organic White Thick Poha - Nutty Yogi
Organic White Thick Poha
From Rs. 59.00

Pearl Millet / Bajra - Nutty Yogi
Pearl Millet Flour/ Bajra Atta - Nutty Yogi
Proso Millet / Barri - Nutty Yogi
Quinoa and Almond Delight - Nutty Yogi
Quinoa and Red Rice Mix - Nutty Yogi
Sold Out
Quinoa Flakes - Nutty Yogi
Quinoa Flakes
From Rs. 229.00

Rajmudi Rice - Nutty Yogi
Rajmudi Rice
From Rs. 65.00

Sold Out
Raw Acacia Honey - Nutty Yogi
Raw Acacia Honey
Rs. 289.00

Red Rice - Nutty Yogi
Red Rice
From Rs. 75.00

Red Thick Poha - Nutty Yogi
Red Thick Poha
From Rs. 69.00



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