Product Curation

Our Philosophy on Product Curation!

We believe backward is the new forward. We are lucky to still have access to the gold mine of age- old wisdom which helped our grandparents live much stronger and healthier life.

In today's times, we live in a truly global world, where boundaries are diminishing and we love to experiment and experience various cuisines and hence we have included many different flavours to our palate.

Our core philosophy on developing our products is to merge the above two - our ancient age- old wisdom and our global palate. Hence we have taken the true essence of ingredients in its purest form and give them a modern, concurrent flavour and form to appeal to our urban global customer. To take the age- old “nuskhe” of our grandma’s and make them relevant in today’s world. To preserve the traditional recipes and making styles and give them the new age touch.

So our gluten - free atta is not gluten - removed wheat atta. It’s the mirroring of our roti by mixing light (jowar), nutty (amaranth), soft (potato), starchy (tapioca) elements and binding them with our grandma secret recipe. We don’t use Xanthum Gum, none of our elements are chemically processed, and the nutrition bar is set very high.

Our healthy snacks comprise of makhana, jowar puffs, channa jor, and pea flats. All the things we have been eating for ages but each has been given the modern makeover.  Smoked Caramel Makhana is made by smoking gud with no sugar or any other flavour. Spicy Sorghum Pops are an ode to quintessential digestive chaat masala which will not only douse cravings but will never leave you bloated.  The dessert of Thar gave us the traditional roasting methods, where the end result is crunchier than deep frying. Our range of roasted channa, peas, mung beans is made by using the same traditional method.

The West invented the apple cider vinegar. It was the elixir that cleansed the system. We just innovated further and said, what is our biggest health issue in today's world – clogged heart arteries. So we innovated and added our ancient recipe of lemon, honey, ginger and garlic to ACV.  Our customers vouch for it be a boon for their hearts.

Our Detox Ghee is pure, hand-churned ghee mixed with spices known to detox the digestive system. Our Ayurvedic Digestive Salt is an inspiration from daadi’s raita masala which would make it delicious and help in digestion. Our munakka churan is a delightful after meal for your daily dose of vitamins.

 We can go on and on, but we would only like to end at a promise that not only will we stay true to our roots and give us 100% natural, grandma approved recipes but will also make it exciting for you to have it. We are the Nutty Yogis’ after all !!!