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Achari Lentil Chips.
Achari Lentil Chips
Rs. 129.00

Bhuj Special Roasted Khari Singdana Peanuts 250 gms
Bhuj Special Roasted Plain Singdana Peanuts 250 gms
Chatpat Magic Pops.
Chatpat Magic Pops
Rs. 79.00

Cheesy Chickpea Chips 100 gms
Cream & Onion Quinoa Chips.
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Crunchy Tapioca Khakhra Crispies.
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Goodness Mathri.
Goodness Mathri
Rs. 149.00

Healthy Treat Roasted Salted Almonds.
Himalayan Salt and Pepper Makhana.
Jalapeno Sorghum Pops.
Jalepeno Ragi Crispies
Jeera Khakhra Crisps.
Lime & Lemony Chana.
Lime & Lemony Chana.
Masala Khakhra Crisps.
Masala Quinoa Chips.
Masala Quinoa Chips
Rs. 129.00

Minty Peppery Zesty Makhana.
Mung Bean Flats.
Mung Bean Flats
Rs. 49.00

Natural Makhana Powder.
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Pea Flats.
Pea Flats
Rs. 119.00

Peri Peri Makhana.
Peri Peri Makhana
Rs. 99.00

Peri Peri Quinoa Chips.
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Protein Mix.
Protein Mix
Rs. 99.00

Pudina Chips.
Pudina Chips
Rs. 99.00

Ragi Crispies
Ragi Crispies
Rs. 89.00

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Ragi Punch Khakhra.
Ragi Punch Khakhra
Rs. 99.00

Raw Phool Makhana / Fox Nuts.
Roasted Bajra Pearls.
Roasted Chana Jor.
Roasted Chana Jor
From Rs. 59.00

Roasted Chatpata Chana Jor.
Roasted Soy Nuts.
Roasted Soy Nuts
Rs. 49.00

Roasted Wheat Thins.
Smoked Caramel Makhana.
Sour Cream & Onion Makhana.
Sour Cream and Onion Oats Chips
Soy Twisters
Soy Twisters
Rs. 89.00

Spicy Bean Chips.
Spicy Bean Chips
Rs. 129.00

Spicy Sorghum Pops.
Spicy Sorghum Pops
Rs. 89.00



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