With the season of sun saying goodbye, we are now super excited to welcome the joyous rains. The intricate sounds of raindrops, the smell of the air after a night of rains and all the comfort food it comes with. 

The season offers a variety of grains, food duos and nostalgic memories that we want a taste of. We at Nutty Yogi are spending every second enjoying the weather and crafting new memories by slicing some from the nostalgic ones. We’re unravelling recipes, moods and a variety of comfort foods just for you.
Sit back, relax and take some time off to just explore a good book this season. Don’t restrict yourself from food, stillness or mindful pleasures. Do it all and do it right with us! 

Here are our favourite rainy day duos that you must try!

  • Piping hot idlis made from Jackfruit flour with your morning newspaper
  • Nutty Yogi Rich Dark Hot Chocolate & a good book
  • Nutty Yogi Sleep tea & Scented Candles 
  • Masala Chai Gud & Kuttu ki Pakoras
  • Millet Dhokla & Coriander Chutney

Try out our Monsoon Mantras to truly enjoy the season and stay tuned for more!

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