We all love our butter, don’t we? As young Indians growing up, our mothers have fed us enough butter on parathas, dosas, toasts, etc. that our love for butter is akin to our love for food. We cannot keep up with the heavy dose of dairy butter as we grow up and one of the greatest superfood innovations has been are the nut butters, made from pasting nuts and extracting it’s healthy fats to make some sinfully tasty yet healthy alternatives to butter.

Initially, people only knew about the classic peanut butter but over time, the nut butters have become more and more familiar to them. Nut butter is a dense paste made by crushing nuts and extracting its healthy fats . The nuts used in nut butter may be raw or roasted. The end product using roasted nuts is richer, more intense in flavour, while raw nuts result in a milder flavour. When the nuts are very finely ground, the result is sometimes as creamy as butter, in contrast with a chunky one, in which chunks of whole nuts are allowed to remain intact to get that bite.

While most nut butters have plenty of nutrients, they can also be calorific and contain high amounts of sugar, which is why it is better to have measured amounts in order to integrate them into a healthy diet.

Consumers are now more aware that not all fats are bad and that they should be eating them as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle which these nut butters provide. It helps in regulating your energy, mood, and even your weight. Gone are the days of the low-fat diet, instead the focus is now on low-sugar (which natural nut butters are). Nut butters have now become more widely available in a whole range of different flavours to offer. Such is the versatility of understated nuts like almonds, cashew, macadamia, hazelnuts, walnuts etc.

We have our very own range of these butters, made from the best of produce that will leave you surprised as to how healthy can be made tasty!

Crunchy Peanut Butter- A good start to your day with a spoonful of peanut butter spread on your toast or mixed with your daily smoothies to recharge your batteries and to sustain you through the entire day. Rich in proteins, it keeps you energized and active throughout the day.

Healthiest of the lot is Almond butter. Filled with the goodness of almonds, is it the best bang for the rupee! Per serving, is high on fibre and protein and least on calories. Like almonds, it helps in keeping you full and helps in weigh loss.

Enjoy the classic flavours of the all new Chocolate Peanut Butter enriched with the finest Belgian Dark Chocolate and peanuts. Feel the goodness of its rich, creamy texture that will make you go all gaga over it and keep wanting for more.

The Cashew Butter is as smooth as any other butter. The natural sweet spread prepared by raw or roasted cashews gives an awesome taste. This, full of nutrients butter is a very good morning breakfast add-on. This is one butter where the heart and mind don't need to jostle as its taste trumps its nutrition but barely so!


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Jan 12, 2019
Jashjeet Maity

You people are doing great 👍Do you people purchase organic vegetables.

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