That Gut Feeling 


How often have you heard it before? Always thought its a proverbial saying …..hold on…its a FACT!! And yes its backed by Science.


Our Gut is our second brain and speaks to us. It tells us most about our well being and inner health. Lets deep dive into how this actually happens. We have a bunch (actually millions) of bacteria which form our microbiome. This in turn form neural connections and communicate internally. The main tase of this microbiome is to perform the digestive function but more and more research has now come out which concluded that our moods, hormones and anxieties may all be controlled by the well being of this microbiome. 


How can we maintain Gut health. What we eat is what we become. This microbiome constitutes of good and bad bacteria. The bad feed on junk, sugar and the likes and the good prefers the good fats, vitamins and the greens. Maintaining a balance between the two is what actually determines our good health. Stress is another major actor in this play. It been concluded that stress directly kills the good bacteria in our Gut.


So is healthier living actually all about listening to the needs of our body (or Gut). Listening to signs of our gut balance being disturbed. There is more and more research that is going about here and we should actively begin to consider that our Gut feelings may actually be true…


Coming in next - Does Gut health start and end with that curd…..there is more that we are discovering that we shall share soon!

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