Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19 – I kept scrolling through these words on all the possible sites across the web while biting off my nails in complete distress! Okay! I know this is unprecedented and everyone is figuring out their own coping mechanisms. I also want to keep my head above water through this global struggle but I was certain the method I followed wasn’t particularly helpful.

So I tried a few other ways and Voila! They are worth a shot!

  • Social Media Diet

The very first thing is to manage your diet. This time it’s not the food you consume for the body but the one you consume for the mind- social media diet! Stay informed but not to the point of feeling overwhelmed and absorbing everything on social media. Research has shown that in natural disasters and terrorist events, as people’s media exposure increases, so does their distress! 

  • Just Breathe ..

Once you are off the ‘in your face’ media, just consciously breathe for a couple of minutes. Deep breaths instantly calm anxiety. May be a global contagious virus has come to your town to push you into a better lifestyle! All in good time, they say!

  • Be Organised

Set yourself a schedule which allows good sleep, good breaks, healthy meals and exercise.  It may seem like a lot at the beginning of the day but an organised day inclusive of all things productive and beautiful always brings a sigh of satisfaction. Sigh!

  • De clutter 

Man! I love the sound of this word. Your bursting cupboards, kitchen cabinets, those forgotten overflowing shelves in the corner are all begging for some order and air. A filtered house is the doorway to a relaxed mind.

  • Mindfulness

Meditate! This buzzword is here to stay. Just some mindfulness once a day is a great way to take care of oneself. You can take it a notch higher with a relaxing bath with bubbles, salts, oils and candles. Also maintain a gratitude journal just to make note of all things you are grateful for even when the times are not in your favour.

  • Stay Connected

Though our focus should be on self –care, also remember that we are all one. So stay connected in virtual ways possible; talk to friends and family and give them support which also gives us a sense of purpose. If you can still go out, offer help to neighbours and elderly.  

A pandemic can be incredibly isolating but it doesn’t have to be lonely and stressful. Stay calm and stay safe.

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