Sattu - The Great Indian Superfood

We have many superfoods in India which we have been consuming for generations. One of these is Sattu - the dry roasted black chickpea powder. Consumed in various forms, its been a staple for people of Bihar and adjoining areas. There are many reasons why this has been so popular for years. Most importantly is the Protien factor. Its simply the highest Protien at the value that everyone could afford it. The daily wagers would have sattu drink as it will give them strength and energy for the whole day while protecting them from the summer heat. It enabled them to work whole day without fatigue.


We are all currently obsessed with wanting to add protein to our diets. Specially the vegans and the vegetarians. Sattu comes to our rescue as its simply the highest protein per 100 gm from a vegetarian source which is widely available. Rich in Iron, Magnesium, and Manganese, its great for digestion and has a cooling effect on the stomach. So much so that every 100 grams of this superfood contains only 65 percent carbohydrate and has 20 percent protein. The low-glycaemic index of sattu is good for diabetic people. According to health experts, consuming sattu on a daily basis keeps blood sugar levels under control and also regulates blood pressure.


Add it to your diet as a stuffing for your breads, as a dry chutney podi or simply the most popular way - Sattu Drink mix.


Recipes on Sattu coming soon.

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