Almond are the most natural way of consuming a super nutritious food.

Since ages our Grandma's have soaked almonds the night before and peeled them and fed it to the family right in the morning or with the breakfast. Each of these rituals had a deep meaning and co-relation with our health.

We have all known that Almonds are the most nutritionatural, nutritional, low in sugar, high in protein and heart healthy. But how did they know that the best way of consuming them is by soaking them and peeling them. 

 The hard texture of almonds often makes them difficult for our body to digest. Thus soaking them overnight in clean water has a list of potential benefits i.e.


  • Easier Digestion.
  • Better absorption of nutrients.
  • Reduced Phytic acid levels (Phytic acid tend to have anti-nutrient values).


Health Benefits of Almonds


  • Anti-ageing – Almonds have rich antioxidants, which protects us from the various age related issues.
  • Weight Management – Rich proteins and fiber in almonds keeps your tummy full for a longer period.
  • Great Source of Vitamin E.
  • An Effective barrier against diseases like cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.


Ideal Intake

 A handful of Almonds ranging from 15 to 20 pieces a day should be apt to complement our diet.


The Right way

Its rightly said that “Old is gold”, follow the tradition of soaking the almonds overnight (in clean water), and have them early in the morning, preferably empty stomach.



“It is preferable to eat almonds soaked overnight as your first intake, as compared to dry almonds," says Dr. Khan. “Dry almonds contain an enzyme inhibitor. When you soak the almonds overnight, this enzyme inhibitor is released, making pre-soaked almonds easier to digest." 

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