Snacking is where we lose our resolve most often. Need it quick, need it convenient and of course it has to be delicious. Monsoon craving means we would love to have hot snacks which are tangy yet healthy.

Presenting a recipe which fits the bill! No guesses for why we call it a Vitamin Bhel. 


Boiled corn-  Half Cup
Chopped tomato: 1 tbsp
Chopped cucumber: 1 tbsp
Chopped capsicum: 1 tbsp
Chopped Coriander: 1 tbsp
Lemons juice: 1 tsp.
Chaat masala: 1/4 tsp. 
Fresh green peas: 4 tbsp
Boiled green peas: 
4 tbsp
Peanuts: 4 tbsp
Tamarin Chutney - 1 tsp
Coriander Chutney - 1 tsp
Pink Salt to taste
Organic Jaggery - half tsp


Mix everything together and serve. Yes, it's that simple! 

Try it for yourself and tell us how you liked it. 

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