1. Eat less to lose weight.

When you eat less than your body’s requirement, the body does not get sufficient calories to sustain the metabolic activities and hence goes into a maintenance mode. In this mode the body tries to conserve energy and prevents any type of weight loss. 

2. Sugar free is calorie free

Not necessarily, any ready to eat product or commercially available product claiming to be sugar free may add other additives like fat/flavor enhancers to make the product more palatable. The usage of chemical sweeteners in the long run can also lead to many health issues.

3. All types of rice should be avoided by diabetics

Only highly refined and polished rice should be avoided by diabetics since they can spike the blood sugar levels on consumption. Brown rice, red rice and black rice varieties have a good amount of fiber which gets digested slowly with a slow release of glucose in the blood. Such varieties of rice can be consumed by the diabetics in combination with other protein and vegetable sources.

4. A diabetic can have jaggery/honey in place of sugar.

All forms of sugar contain sucrose that can raise blood sugar levels. Although jaggery and honey have other nutrients like iron, calcium and are antibacterial in nature respectively, they have the similar effect on blood glucose of a diabetic as compared to sugar. So if you are a diabetic with uncontrolled sugar levels, it is better to avoid all forms of natural sweeteners.

5. Fruit juices are better than fruits

Although freshly made fruit juices without any added sugar can give a good amount of vitamins and minerals to the body, the experts still suggest that having whole fruit is a better option. Firstly, whole fruit with its fibre takes time to digest, releasing sugar slowly. Fibre also helps in preventing constipation. Secondly, juicing involves taking more than 2 fruits where we end up getting more calories than required.

6. Giving up your favorite foods helps to lose weight

If you exercise regularly and eat healthy home cooked meals then it is possible to have small portions of your favorite foods without affecting your weight. Regular exercise can keep your metabolism on a high, preventing weight gain when you have a cheat day once a while.

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