Gluten Free Bread / Lad Pav 


A lot of our customers have been requesting us the recipe of Gluten Free Bread and Pavs. So we requested Avanti Doshi (@avanti_doshi) to help us with her recipe. She is a doctor who has a great hand at baking and loves to use healthy ingredients too. We are so glad she used our Gluten Free Super-lite Atta to bake. (Link: )

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Over to Avanti’s Notes:
I used Nutty Yogi’s gluten free atta which has- Amaranth flour, Singhara flour and Barnyard millet flour. I have a Panasonic bread maker. So for a full bread loaf I use it. I just have to modify the measurements to make it perfectly in the machine. I used
400 gms - Nutty Yogi Gluten free baking flour
3tsp - jaggery
3tsp - Himalayan pink salt
3tbsp - Olive oil
280ml - Whey water
1tsp - Dry active yeast.
I have to put all this in the bread maker case and put on the cycle for whole
Wheat bread. And Voila super delicious gluten free bread in 5 hours is ready.
Incase you don’t have a bread maker you need to activate the yeast with jaggery and then knead the dough with all the ingredients . 1st proof it till it doubles for few hours. Punch the dough.Then take a loaf pan and put the dough in that and .2nd proof it for 45mins to an hour. Bake it at 200C for about 45-50 mins or till it browns.

Ladi Pav or Mumbai Pav Buns
I also made ladi- pav / Buns using the same atta.
400gm - Gluten free atta
3tsp - Jaggery
3tsp - Himalayan pink salt
3tbsp- Olive oil
150 ml - milk
130 ml - water or whey water
1tsp - baking powder
1tsp - dry active yeast

Add all the above to the bread maker and put it on whole wheat dough cycle. In 3.15 hours I get the 1st proofed dough double the original size.
Then I punch this dough and shape into small balls. Oil the baking tray. Place the balls slightly apart. Let it 2nd proof for about 45mins to 1 hours. The balls will increase in size and stick to each other by now. Since I don’t eat eggs I give a milk wash. Take cold milk and brush the top part of the bun with it just before putting the baking tray in the oven.

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