Did you know you could make Dhokla from Sama or Samvat or Barnyard Millet? @nikynutrition gives us this yummy recipe for making this Navratri season. ⠀

Soak 1 cup sama overnight.⠀
Mix the soaked sama with half cup curd, grind in a mixer until smooth.⠀
Add a pinch of salt, 1tsp eno, half lime juice, 1 tsp sugar, crushed ginger and green chillies to the batter.⠀
Pour the batter into a greased plate and steam the dhokla for 20-25minutes.⠀
In a pan heat oil and add mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chilli. ⠀
Pour this seasoning over the dhokla, garnish with coriander. ⠀
Serve warm with mint chutney.

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