Dates for each seasons and reason!


One of the most loved fruits, by young and old is Dates. Dates are known to be one of the oldest cultivated fruits back to the ancient land that is now modern day Iraq of at least 6000 years ago. This would mean that dates have been a source of nutrition and served as a staple food for longer than most plants. This is a testament to just how beneficial dates are. Date palms are even called “The Tree of Life” for some Arab countries


When we went on our quest to launch dates , we were naive enough to figure that there would be at best 2-3 varieties. Saddled with the knowledge that the best dates are grown in the Arabian dessert we thought how hard it would be to source good dates and launch them.


Many months later and after much research (count 3 very expensive trips to the region) we can tell you dates are a maze. More than 80 varieties, they not only come in all shapes and sizes, the legend goes that there is a date for each season and each reason!!!


Typically they are of three types soft, semi soft and semi hard. While all have  excellent nutritional profile, rich in iron, help with bone health and full of antioxidants, different types tend to be eaten during different times of year and for specific health benefits.


Listing below few of the dates that we have chosen to bring for you:



  1. Ajwa Dates is quite sweet to the taste and have a melt in the mouth feel. They are dry but soft, and it is believed that these Dates even have healing properties. There is a story about a prophet who claims that by eating seven Ajwa dates every single morning a person will be protected from magic as well as poison until the night falls. They are known as a superfood, and they are delightful to eat. You can even get these dates in a king size, and they have a very distinct cinnamon flavor. They are also one of the most expensive dates that you can buy, but they are well worth the price



  1. Mabroom : These type of dates are considered to be of premium quality, and they are naturally rich in minerals as well as antioxidants. They are chewy and very sweet. They are harvested during the months of July and August, and there are three harvesting stages for Mabroom dates. They are a delicacy and are perfectly sweet. They are slender and longer than most dates. It is rumored that the Sultan of Brunei gives a box of these decadent dates to every one of his Muslim people as a gift during Ramadan.



  1. Medjool dates are very rich, sweet, and delicious. They are also known as Medjul dates, and they have soft skin and fibrous texture. They are large, about three inches long, and sometimes even very large in size and they turn from amber to reddish-brown when they are ripening. They are very moist and are perfect for eating when they are freshly picked. Medjool dates are well-known in most stores and will moisten the palette. They have a very sticky inside and offer a decadent caramel flavor. They are ideal for using in recipes such as shakes, stuffing recipes, or energy bars.


  1. Sukkari dates are sweet and crisp, and they are also high-quality. They are nutritious and also good for healing. They can even prevent tooth decay. They can help to energize you and to help lower your cholesterol as well. They are from the Al Qaseem region of Saudi Arabia. Sukkari means sweet which is exactly what these dates are. They are also referred to as the “King of the Dates,” and they will melt in your mouth for a nice treat.


  1. Saghai dates are grown and cultivated in Riyadh. They are not soft, but they’re rather quite crisp, and they have a brown color. They are yellow at the tips and are also wrinkled. They are very good, and many who try them once tend to buy them again.

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