Just when we saw the Deepavali festival coming to an end, there is Christmas around the corner. After gorging so much on the diwali sweets, we need to get ready for the second round with plum cakes, ginger bread and other christmas treats. 

Well if you are a foodie, you are in a paradise but if you have been struggling to stay on track towards good health then these festivities can throw you off track and make you pledge on the new year’s eve that you will keep your food temptations under control next year onwards. 

Let go of that food guilt, and take into account these tips which will help you to rejoice in the festival without compromising on your health.

  • Never shop on an empty stomach
  • Shopping on an empty stomach will lead you to food courts than shopping for other important stuff. Also there is a tendency to overeat the not so healthy food that you select in such food courts. Hence before you start shopping, have a good protein rich home cooked food or an oats + fruits + nuts smoothie. Eat right = better shopping

  • Festival is not only about eating/drinking, it is for socializing as well
  • A very important fact! Enjoy the festive get-togethers by having lively conversations, playing games and having a good time. Eat only when hungry and choose wisely! Have a drink but take your time to complete it, don't be in a hurry to refill. 

  • Right food choices

  • A food course generally consists of appetizers, main meals, accompaniments and desserts. Start with appetizers like soups and roasted/baked snacks, salad/fruits. Make sure you fill half your stomach with them, the rest half can be for main course and desserts. This way you will not end up eating too much of the unhealthy stuff but at the same time you get to eat small portions of them as well. 

  • Continue exercising
  • Festivals are not an excuse to stop exercising. If you are unable to find time to go to a gym, make sure you are active and are walking around, taking around 8,000 - 10,000 steps daily. This will keep your metabolism on a high and you will be burning calories. So you can eat small portions of festival goodies without having to worry about gaining weight.

    • Include digestive spices/kada 

    Cumin, coriander, fennel and ajwain are digestive in nature and helps to manage your hunger and appetite. Make a tea by boiling these whole spices in water, strain and drink the tea. This tea is very effective in dealing with gastric and bloating issues and aids digestion.

    So this season, don't let your health goals be a spoilsport to enjoy the festivals this season. Remember to eat right, eat in moderation and keep exercising. 

    Keep your spirits high and rejoice with your friends and family! 

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