A luscious and tropical dessert delight made with mango pulp and millet creating a heavenly indulgence for mango lovers.


  • Rinse Barnyard millet with water and soak for 4-5 hours. 
  • Drain and air /sun dry for 3-4 hours. 
  • Pulse in grinder 3-4 times to prepare Barnyard millet rawa. 
  • Roast Barnyard millet rawa in ghee till it's bit golden in color.
  • Add mango pulp, sugar, cardamom powder and mix well. 
  • Add coconut milk to adjust the consistency to thick pouring one 
  • Rest for an hour. 
  • Add freshly grated coconut , Eno and mix. 
  • Grease a cake tin with ghee . 
  • Pour the mixture in tin, tap 2-3 times. 
  • Garnish with pista flakes. 
  • Steam for 20 to 30 minutes. If using a pressure cooker do not use the whistle. 
  • Cool and serve.