Eggless Cookies , quite a popular festive snack of South India known as Achhu Murukku ( Acchapam )

Here I tried with Nutty Yogi Multi Millet flour instead of APF, and used Nutty Yogi jaggery powder and fried in Nutty Yogi Desi Ghee.
Believe me it's wonderful do try this version...


Recipe ­čî╝


. Multimillet flour 1 cup
. Rice flour 1/4 cup
. Wheat flour 1/2 cup
. jaggery powder 1 tablespoon
. Fennel seeds 1 teaspoon
.coconut milk 500ml ( as required for the right consistency)
. vanilla essence 1teaspoon
. Ghee to deep fry

Procedure ­čî╝

. In a shallow base bowl, add all the ingredients and mix it properly basically make it lump free and get the exact consistency.

. Then in a pan or kadai, put Ghee / oil for frying. Let it gets hot with Rose cookie Spatula .

. Then make the standstove in low medium flame, and pour the heated rose cookie Spatula in the mixture ( but remember to dip half filled )

. Then put it in the hot Ghee pan 3/4 of the spatula size and gently move it so that the batter gets separated from the spatula easily.

. Now fry the cookie in low medium flame till it turn darkest brown ( as millet flour being used ) .

. Store it in air tight container and enjoy it with your evening tea or place it in your festive platter.