When the good folks at Nutty Yogi sent across a selection of ingredients from their wide and diverse range, I finally got the chance to try out a combination I wanted to cook for the longest time. Kuttu (Buckwheat) Poori and Khatta-meetha Kaddu. But since I wanted to keep the meal light, I chose to turn them into Tacos. I mixed Nutty Yogi buckwheat flour with two large mashed boiled potatoes, some crushed ajwain and black salt. Sprinkling very little water at a time, I kneaded the mix into a soft, pliable dough which was then covered and set aside to rest while I worked on the Kaddu.

I tempered whole cumin seeds, fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds in hot mustard oil (the Nutty Yogi panch phoron infused one is tailor-made for the job) and sautéed crushed ginger and green chillies. I then added turmeric powder and the naturally bright Nutty Yogired chilli powder and quickly introduced a splash of water in the pan to prevent the powdered spices from burning.
Cubed pumpkin was then tossed with this base tempering and cooked covered with a dash of water. Once most of the moisture was absorbed and the pumpkin was almost done, I added coriander powder, cumin powder and fennel powder and gave it a quick stir. I used a mix of naturally delicious Nutty Yogi tamarind and jaggery powder for that unmistakable sweet and sour touch. Seasoned the mix with salt and took off the heat once the pumpkin was fork tender and evenly glazed.

I hand patted portions of the buckwheat dough between sheets of parchment. A rice flour dusting makes the rolling/patting easier. The resultant tortillas were cooked on a grilled till they puffed up and turned fragrant and nutty.
The hearty gluten free tortillas were topped whth a generous heap of the glazed sweet and sour pumpkin and dotted with a tzatziki-like cucumber raita.
A shower of crispy pumpkin skin and pepitas along with freshly plucked micro mint made dainty garnishes.

The traditional approach would be to serve the Kuttu Pooris with a Rassewala KM Kaddu.