Prepping up for upcoming festivities, let's plan something healthy and guilt free to enjoy.
I made this guilt free gulab jamuns with no maida - no flour.

Yes it made with multii millet flour from Nutty Yogi
And NO sugar chasni with their own jaggery powder
To enhance the flavours I used their organic bilona method Ghee 


100 GM's of khova
100 GM's of multi millet flour
1/4 tsp of baking soda
2 tbsp of ghee
( Knead into a soft dough using very little water.)

Shape them into round crackfree balls.
Heat ghee+ oil on a medium- low flame.
Fry the gulab jamuns very patiently, while you stir them evenly .
Remove them once they are light brown.

For chasni
100 GM's of Jaggery
2 elaichi
1 tsp of rose water
100 ml of water.

Cook until you get the thick consistency.